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Bringing the laboratory to the site

• Up to 25 Gases Simultaneously with PDA
• Up to 50 Gases with Laptop
• Unknown Component Specification (5225 Gases)
• Light Weight, User Friendly & Quick Operation
• Real Portable & Battery Operated



• As per Standards and Site Specifications
• Approved Analyzer (TUV, MCERTS, ... & QAL1)
• Turnkey Package as per Specific Customer Requirements
• Inhouse System Integration
• Multiple Technologies (NDIR, FTIR, FTUV, TDLAS, CLD, FID, TCD, ...)

Turnkey Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems

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Accurate real-time air quality information, made more cost effective

 •  Near Reference Compact AAQMS
 •  Equipped with Air Conditioning
 •  Active Sampling System
 •  Up to 8 Gases & Particulate Matter
 •  Web-based Data Monitoring
 •  Online Remote Diagnostics

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Smart sound & vibration analyzer

• With an IEC 61672 class 1 certification
• Smart organization of measurements for effective post-processing
• Measurement quality indicators for reverberation time (ISO 3382 standard)
• Ratings calculated immediately on data transfer, without user intervention
• One-click report covering all tests

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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) portable stack emission analyzer

• As per USEPA 320 & 321
• Monitoring 16 Gases at the same time, including HF/HCl/NH3
• Fully Portable
• Flexibility to add more Gases without Hardware Changes
• Simple to use

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Our Continuous Emission Monitoring System (Online) is a turnkey tailor made system designed per application & per your requirement. We will be closely working with you from conception, design to operation. Just follow the systematic steps or procedures provided.


    Contact us and discuss more about your application and specific requirements.


    If necessary, to better understand your application, we may conduct a visit to see current site situation.


    We will present a suitable turnkey system based on the questionnaire completed and or site visit conducted. During this stage, we encourage an open discussion to approve or modify or further elaborate on the proposed turnkey system.


    Let’s start and sign a contract to deliver the turnkey CEMS solution we have proposed.